Manufacturer of Glass Xmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments Handcrafted in Germany

We are Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Original hand blown and hand painted Glass Christmas Ornaments in Germany.

Glass Xmas Ornaments handcrafted from artisans in a Family Business since 5 Generations.

Glassblower Manufactur Hausdoerfer/Germany

We use some nearly 100 year old Mold`s or new one to manufacturing the handmade Glass Figures. These Ornaments are silvered and painted in pure Handwork in a traditional way.

Our Factory is only 5 miles away from the world-famous Town for Christmas Ornaments Lauscha in Thuringia / Germany with a glass history since the year 1597.

Traditional Handmade in Germany since the 19st Century

1847 was the Year who the first glass Christmas Ornaments, at the small Town Lauscha in Germany, was manufactured by a poor Glassblower instead of real Fruits for the Christmas Tree. That was the Tree decoration at this time. This symbolizes the birth of the handmade glass Xmas Ornaments from Lauscha which is now known all around the World. Later at the year 1880 this Ornaments come to USA, imported from Frank Winfield Woolworth, and became famous.

Webcam from Town "LAUSCHA" in Thuringia/Germany

Old German Christmas

(Wholesale for USA)

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