Original german handcrafted glass Christmas Ornaments

Hand made in Germany following a Tradition since the 19th Century

Manufacturer of traditional and modern  Xmas Tree Ornaments

Glass Christmas Ornaments

Glass Xmas Ornaments in various Themes and Trend Colors manufactured in the near of the world famous Town " Lauscha " in Thuringia / Germany with a Glass History since 1597.

Hausdoerfer Christmas Tree Label

Hand painted and hand blown Christmas Ornaments like

  • Hand  painted Glass Balls
  • Glass Birds in different Style
  • Glass Xmas Ornaments traditional and modern painted
  • hand made Glass Figures in many shapes
  • hand blown Glass Tree toppers
  • Unique colored glass Balls
  • Christmas Pickles (German Page)

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Catalog Xmas Ball

Our hand made Xmas Ornaments at Christmas Market in Germany

Our handcrafted Glass Christmas Ornaments you can also find every year in our Booth at the beautiful Cologne Christmas Market, in front of the Cologne Cathedral in Germany.

Information about Christmas Markets in USA you will find at Trade fair / Markets Schedule.

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